I've been using pre-filters on my truck for a month and a half and recently ran into a dust storm in New Mexico and these were a great product to have on my truck.  Only had them a short time but I'll be a customer for life.  Thanks.  Trent E. Red Oak, TX

We service our trucks every 200 hours.  Our air filters weigh 7lb clean and dry.  After 200 hours our air filters would weigh 17-26lb.  With pre-filters on the same truck we weighed the filters after 200 hours and only gained 4 oz.  I would recommend these.  Cody J. Bartlett, NE

Your product has paid for itself 10 times for our farm trucks! Tim N.

Chris H.

Your product works great.  Have had them on since day one of the new semi and 36k miles later the filters still look like new.  Chris H.

JD Intake pre-filter

I was having to blow out the air filter daily before sleeve went on.  Now I haven't blown the filter out in nearly a week.  I can't believe how much stuff the sleeve is stopping from entering the filter.  Thanks, Matt - John Deere 9510R